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the battle a city a king a general
the cause introduction the Sun King the Duke of Marlborough
11 July 1708 the scale-model Vauban the French
the landscape of the battle beautiful people in the 18th century the allies

beautiful people in the 18th century



The façade and salons of The House de Lalaing were adapted in rococo style in the middle of the 18th century.
The stately premises form the ideal setting to bring to life the fascinating 18th century housing culture. For the exhibition ‘Schoon Volk’ (‘Beautiful People’) the salons have been transformed into elegant living rooms, with reconstructions of a dining-room, a smoking salon, a coffee and tea corner, a boudoir and a nursery.  Each room tells the story of ‘le goût français’ (French taste), which greatly influenced the living culture in the Southern Netherlands at the time.  This French taste cannot only be found in the lay-out, the decoration and the interior of the salons, but also in the fashion and hair styles.  Elegant dresses and towering, artificial wigs lead you to the boudoir, the room of beauty.
The children’s way of thinking and their environment get ample attention here in the nursery.